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A low carbon house with solar panels and wind turbines at night, supported by the E-Factor program for SMEs.

E-Factor’s Low Carbon Support for SMEs

We’ve all seen the news and the weather in the past few months bringing everything the doom-mongers promised since at least the 1990s.  Nearly everyone has made efforts to cut energy use since prices increased more than a year ago.   It doesn’t matter for the climate if the reason for the cuts in energy use is to save money or reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the benefit is the same.

Learn how to leverage social media to enhance the success of your exhibition stand. Discover effective strategies for using social media platforms as a powerful tool in promoting and expanding your reach at trade shows and exhibitions

How to use social media to support your exhibition stand

Exhibitions and trade shows can be fantastic marketing opportunities – but if you aren’t supporting your on-site  exhibition stand with social media activations, you’re missing a trick. The use of social media in your exhibition planning is a great way to promote your business’ presence at a trade show – and enhance the effects of your brand awareness schemes.   

Horizontal high angle portrait of serious young woman sitting at table in craft workshop holding tablet PC and making notes in notebook

Why has E-Factor launched the new Start-Up Academy?

When we talk about people starting up in business for the first time, conversations often revolve around the risk versus the reward; for despite the high ambition and anticipation that new clients come to us with, it’s still imperative that they evaluate the sacrifices that all new start-ups must take, whether that’s money, time, career opportunities or even relationships.

Young man in hardhat and bearded engineer discussing technical sketch

10 Behaviours of a Great Manager

Congratulations! You’ve gone through the sometimes-stressful process of recruiting, inducting, and starting some enthusiastic staff for your business. They may have the perfect experience and credentials to fulfil the responsibilities attached to the role but as a manger you must recognise this is an ongoing process of relationship management that requires regular habits:

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