10 Behaviours of a Great Manager

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Congratulations! You’ve gone through the sometimes-stressful process of recruiting, inducting, and starting some enthusiastic staff for your business. They may have the perfect experience and credentials to fulfil the responsibilities attached to the role but as a manger you must recognise this is an ongoing process of relationship management that requires regular habits:


Start each Day with a simple ‘Good Morning’ and practice smiling – it does wonders for morale…. and positivity is catching!


Listen to your staff. Practice active listening and try to put down the phones and laptops and do it face to face whenever possible.


Acknowledge that being a manager doesn’t make you perfect – so accept your shortcomings, appreciate your team’s feedback, and leave your ego at home.


Meeting together in the same room and giving members an opportunity to share and discuss their respective projects as part of an agenda will reinforce team morale no end.


Staff need to understand your expectations and their roles and responsibilities from the beginning so they can understand their contribution to the overall missions and goals.


Take time to celebrate your team’s success and recognise your employees’ individual efforts. Trust trickles down – how you treat your employees is how they will treat customers.


We often spend more time with our co-workers than our family, so it is important to quickly build trust by not overworking them and treating them well. Respect your team’s family time and you will have happier employees.


Boredom impacts on everyone’s performance so encourage staff to push themselves, contribute with new ideas and develop a more efficient strategy to plan work and learning.


Delegate and trust your staff to do their jobs but don’t shy away from your own responsibilities as manager.  And don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and show your team that you know how to do it.


You own the culture set in your company and/or team so live the values that earned you the status as manager and lead by example. Keep it real!

As you grow the business, and the operational functions of the business are delegated to more team members, it is crucial to see yourself not only as a manager but as a leader. If you are interested in learning more about the ways in which you can develop your management and leadership skills, please contact E-Factor Business.

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