Security & Fire Systems Monitoring, Keyholding & Response Tender

An aerial view of the E-Factor Enterprise Village

E-Factor Group invite you to tender for the works described within our invitation to tender documentation.

E-Factor is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to support, develop and increase economic activity and enterprise in Northern Lincolnshire. Our goal is to encourage and support the creation of long-term sustainable enterprises, providing guidance and advice to SMEs in order to improve performance and help create sustainable jobs. We have several business sites where we let offices and commercial units, and it is rent from these sites, and various other funding streams that sustains the business support and job creation objective of the company.

It is therefore essential that we maintain appropriate standards of security at all our sites and the proposed contract is a means of ensuring this.

Expression of Interest

Interested companies should contact Paul Parkinson via email at and copied to Natalie Cresswell ( to receive the full tender pack in order to provide a quote for the required security specification.

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