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Since launching in 2018, the Seaside Summit has become a highlight of the business calendar in North East Lincolnshire.

Each year 180 businesspeople from around 80 thriving enterprises have attended this annual event, which inspires and motivates Cleethorpes companies and those in the visitor economy sector with a programme of keynote speakers, live entertainment, and a good food and drink. The Summit, organised by the team at E-Factor Business has been hosted both as a part of the Coastal Communities Project in conjunction with North East Lincolnshire Council, and a new ERDF funded project secured by E-Factor.

The first event welcomed Will Douglas, Director of Axholme Brewery and Docks Beers as a speaker. He shared the story of this emerging brand, from sourcing ingredients harvested from Cleethorpes beach to investing in Grimsby’s first brewery in 50 years, close by the town’s port.

He said: “I, like many others I spoke to, left at the end of the evening feeling inspired – not just by the event itself and the awesome fish platter supper, but by the coming together and meeting of so many Cleethorpes business owners. It was invigorating to hear their personal success stories during dinner and networking, and it was educational to hear the keynote speaker. I left with three or four actions to deploy in my own business.

“The resort’s SMEs are undoubtedly the lynch pin of its success. Having an event to recognise their efforts and to give us all a chance to meet and break bread is so worthwhile. I’m willing to bet that more than one of the next great business ideas for Cleethorpes was born at the Seaside Summit.”

In 2019, Claire Brumby recalled her business journey from the creation of Scrubby’s Crisps to becoming a best-selling author, discussing the hard times, the successes, the lessons she has learned, and her time in the Dragon’s Den. Claire said: “ [Speaking at the Seaside Summit] means a lot to me given how much E-Factor were instrumental back in 2011 and 2012 when I was trying to get my brand launched. I am a huge supporter of supporting and working with local businesses and communities. It’s a fabulous event, and I hope my contribution will inspire others to hold their vision for their business and be a testament to the conviction that anything if possible if you have enough nerve.”

Joining the roster of speakers so far is James Sinclair, who developed his business from a children’s entertainer after leaving school to a leisure and entertainment empire with over 300 staff; Melanie Tillett of Tillett’s Clothing, a leading fashion brand and retailer which was established in Cleethorpes; Toni-Ann Buckle Weavers, a passionate eco warrior and owner of lifestyle, water-activity and sustainability business Ebb & Flo; and Matthew Storey, a compelling speaker who discusses the importance of the human side of business.

To end the night with a song and dance, guests enjoy live music from the likes of the much-loved Rumble Band and Andy Wood, who performs as Tom Jones.

Tim Maddinson, Business Growth Hub Advisor at E-Factor Business, said: “We are absolutely delighted with the Seaside Summit, both in terms of the sell-out attendance from our local businesses but also with the education, insight and inspiration brought to the event by our fantastic speakers. The feedback from everyone is been entirely enthusiastic, giving us the confidence to make each event even bigger and brighter.

“In the meantime, we urge businesses to keep an eye on new workshops which are constantly being added to our programme.”

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