We strive to see you succeed

E-Factor Group has one thing on its mind… how best to assist entrepreneurs and local business owners achieve the success they are after. Whether that’s rapid growth, maintaining the business or even selling the company.

Everyone at this company knows what it’s like to be in business, to face the everyday challenges a local business must face. Through years of experience, we know that every business is different, but we also know how useful it is to have an objective, confidential and experienced Advisor listen to what your Business needs and then actually help you do something about it.

From an office or industrial unit to rent to finding the finance you need to help you grow, from meeting with hundreds of other local business people through to sitting down with an experienced Advisor to discuss the future of your business, E-Factor is here for you.

Rest assured, the advice and support you get from E-Factor Group is always, independent, objective, VERY experienced and free to local businesses.

If you do what you have always done… you’ll get what you have always got…. E-Factor Group will strive to make a difference and help you achieve your business success.

Experts to help provide advice for you and your business

With qualified and business experienced advisors, a large portfolio of commercial premises to let, a social enterprise centre and the biggest business club in the region, the E-Factor team are constantly looking for new ways we can help business owners and managers achieve their aims and grow their business.

Meet our amazing team