Invitation to Tender

Business Lease Line Broadband Contracts



Date: 7th June 2021

Ref No: E-Fac-LL


Return by 21st June 2021 – 17:00 hours


Client Profile


E-Factor is a not-for-profit business support organisation that aims to inspire and encourage enterprise across Greater Lincolnshire.

The business provides support and encouragement to individuals who believe that self-employment and enterprise offer them real opportunities to achieve personal dreams and aspirations. Additionally, we provide business advice and support the operating SME’s across the North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire region.


Tender Details

We invite you to tender for the supply of leased line broadband connectivity at our E-Factor Group, Enterprise Village Site, Prince Albert Gardens, Grimsby, DN31 3AT.
Should you wish to submit an offer for 3 and 5 years we would review that in the decision process.

We are seeking a flexible primary connection of 300mb to 1Gb on a 1Gb Bearer and a backup connection of 100Mb on the existing BT 100Mb bearer all as detailed on the pricing table below (and attached as an excel spreadsheet).

We require 25 individual IP addresses (Please detail how this can work for the back-up connection)


This request for quotation does not form any commitment to buy.


E-Factor Group may take up credit checks and/or references if you choose to quote.

Please refer to the attached ‘Invitation to Tender Broadband Village 2021.pdf’ PDF document and ‘Tender Leased Line Connections.xlsx’ spreadsheet below for full details of what is required and how to respond.


Invitation to Tender Broadband Village 2021

Tender Leased Line Connections