As part of the extended GAIN Enterprise growth programme, E-Factor/MODAL is seeking to establish a new framework of consultants who can deliver specialist advice to SMEs, into specific sector groups:

Sector No.1 – Food Manufacturing and Allied Sectors

Sector No.2 – Health and Social Care

Sector No.3 – Visitor Economy – Tourism and Retail

Sector No.4 – Ports and Logistics

Sector No.5 – Low Carbon – Environmental and related supply chain developments

Consultants are being sought to provide support either through one to one interventions or workshops/masterclasses to small groups, under the following themes:

  1. Sales and Marketing: An initial Business Needs Analysis by the GAIN Advisor may identify a need for specialist support across several areas relating to the development of the customer’s brand and its customer base. This may include advice on areas such as; strategic and tactical marketing planning, social media marketing, pricing, research, intellectual property and customer service.
  2. Information and Communications Technology: Consultants will work with clients to improve the structure and efficiency of their IT systems in order to meet business objectives and overcome problems. This may include giving advice on areas such as; Information Security and business resilience, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), E-Commerce and Accountancy systems, Connectivity and Agile Working, new technological developments including automation and Artificial Intelligence.
  3. Leadership and Management: The result of an initial consultation with a GAIN Advisor may identify a need for specialist consultancy support to help with setting the business vision and/or initiatives aimed at the values and structure of the business. This may include giving advice on areas such as; Business Culture, Management Styles, HR regulations and compliance, People Development and Health and Safety compliance.
  4. Financial Management: A requirement for specialist financial advice may be identified by the GAIN Advisor. This may include advice on areas such as; business planning, forecasting, developing an investment strategy, accessing funding for growth, finance management software and processes.
  5. Supply Chain Management: Businesses that are looking to expand into new markets can access specialist supply chain support to help them identify opportunities and develop capacity in their sector. This may include advice on areas such as; production planning, establishing new contacts, sourcing products, warehouse management, developing quality standards and effective distribution.
  6. Process Management: Businesses that are looking to review the planning, organisation, direction and execution of production (process) activities will be offered advice on converting materials to finished products, utilising labour efficiently, throughputs, cost, machinery and production flow. Consultants will also need to review Just-In-Time processing and continuous improvement.
  7. Resource Efficiency: Advice will be available to businesses to help them with a strategy for reducing resource usage, managing waste and implementing renewable technology.


For further details or to apply please download the document below:

GAIN Enterprise Growth-Tender-Specification- Final Version