E-Factor Group Ltd is committed to providing high quality business and enterprise support and development with services that are relevant to our customers.

We recognise the diversity of our customers and adapt our services to meet their requirements.

As a customer you can expect our staff to:

·         Treat all customers fairly and consistently.

·         Be well trained to deliver a quality and professional service.

·         Provide clear, independent information and advice with no jargon or unnecessary technical terms.

·         Be realistic about the help they can provide and assist you in finding where to access additional support.

·         Respect your opinion and always act in your best interests.

·         Act promptly and honour agreed deadlines and appointments.

·         Treat all information in strict commercial confidence.

·         Welcome feedback on how we can improve our services.

We believe we can learn from customer experiences.   Therefore, your comments, compliments and complaints about our service are always welcome. These can be submitted via letter, telephone, email or our website. (Contact details below).  We will respond within 48 hours.

We also have a formal complaints procedure, and details of this can be accessed on our website; by calling into the e-factor head office, or by e mailing a request for the document.


Mark Webb

Managing Director


Contact details:

Head Office: e-factor Group Ltd, Unit E26, The Enterprise Village, Prince Albert Gardens, DN31 3AT

Telephone: 01472 252780

Email: info@e-factor.co.uk